Obtaining Legal Aid

Added: Thursday, July 11, 2013

When is it granted?

Where someone is accused of a crime that could attract a prison sentence if convicted and that person is of limited means the District Court Judge will usually grant legal aid when such aid is applied for by your solicitor in the District Court.

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Civil Legal Aid

If you wish to apply for Civil Legal Aid in respect of a matter you must do so through the Civil Legal Aid Board. Should you wish to apply for Legal Aid for a particular matter you should contact your nearest legal aid centre.

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Once again success of you application for legal aid  is based on your means and this will be assessed by the board. The board will require you to make a  minimum contribution based on your means.

In matters that do not fall within the realm of family law additional factors will be considered by the board such as the liklihood of success, the reasonableness in bringing or defending an action, it's legitimacy etc

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