Best Will in the World Week

Added: Friday, October 17, 2014

Best Will in the World Week which is being run by MyLegacy, an umbrella group of over 70 of Ireland’s favourite charities, is calling on the people of Loughrea and County of Galway to make their will and consider leaving a gift to their favourite charity after family and friends have been looked after. The week takes place from Monday, 20th of October to Friday, 24th of October and John Nash Solicitors, who are participating in this campaign would be delighted for you to contact them to arrange a consultation to either make your will or update an existing one for a flat fee of €50.

Making a will is easier, cheaper and more straightforward than a lot of people think and having one makes it easier for those you leave behind to look after your affairs. So why not arrange to do it now during Best Will in the World week, avail of the reduced fee and consider leaving something, be it just a token amount or something greater to a charity that is special to you.