Purchasing your First Home

Added: Friday, October 10, 2014

Purchasing Your First Home
After several years of stagnation the property market in Ireland now appears to be showing signs of recovery and the Banks are starting to lend again. 
Over the past number of years the residential property market has been dominated by investors and “cash” buyers who were not restricted by mortgage limitations. This gave them much stronger buying powers and many first time buyers found it impossible to get onto the property ladder.
With the Banks now offering more mortgages the property market is starting to open up again to first time buyers.
While the prospect of purchasing your first home is an exciting one,  for many people it is the first time they will come  into contact with a Solicitor or Auctioneer and the whole process of purchasing a property can be daunting.
We at John Nash Solicitors, Loughrea, Co. Galway will guide you through the entire process of purchasing your first home from the payment of your initial booking deposit to the completion of your registration as owner of the property. We will explain each stage of the transaction in a clear and detailed manner to ensure that your first venture into the property market is a smooth one.
For further details regarding our services or to obtain a quote for your proposed purchase contact us here at John Nash Solicitors. Loughrea, County Galway